segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Oficina do Projeto Aldeia Digital
Corrida do Noni e Wanoridobe
Terra Indigena São Marcos

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  1. Hi,

    I'm going to Amazon for few months in next may. I would like to meet native communities to discover their culture.
    I'm really interesting about deforestation too and would like to see by myself the impact made on amazon people and animals.
    I'm a french photographer and videomaker, 23 years old girl, really attracted by travelling.

    Do you know native communities i could met? Do some accept visitors?
    I know that it's difficult to meet last Indians, really protected by the FUNAI, but do you know if some are more "open"?
    My project is to share their daily life to understand who they are, and make a film about my trip.
    I really attracted by matriarchal societies, do you know some?

    Thanks for your help !!
    Best regard,

    Anaïs Bajeux